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Airports and Aircraft photos from Counties Cork and Kerry, Ireland.
The photos on this page were digitally captured during a number of flights in the spring and summer months of 2006 - 2015 including Cork Airport, Bantry airfield and an Air Corps training exercise in County Kerry.
Live aircraft movements, Europe

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Photographed ; 2006 - 2017
Camera; Digital

Cork Airport, winter   CHC Helibus, Bandon aerial spectacle   Shannon terminal
Cork Airport, December 2017.
Norwegian transatlantic.

File # 1dsm3_f7_0478
  Aerial spectacle over Bandon.
Canadian CHC Helibus
File # dr_f8_3241
  Shannon terminal & carpark
photo; 14 Mar 2015
File # 1dsm3_f5_5583
Beechcraft C-45H ( Beech 18 )   Agusta AWS 139 Pairc Ui Rinn   Augusta landed near stadium
Beechcraft C-45H at Weston prior to delivery to new owners.
File # 1dsm_f5_0067
  VIP passenger transport for Hurling match final in Cork, 2014
File # dr_f7_0064
  Augusta AW 139 at GAA pitch.
File # dr_f7_0071
Ryanair air to air aerial photo   Cessna 172 undercarriage   Waiting for ATC clearance
Ryanair air to air photo on approach to Cork & Harbour
File # dr_f5_6515
  Cessna undercarriage
and weather closing in.
File # dr_f5_6515
  Waiting for ATC clearance
File # dr_f3_7888
Cork Airport from 8500ft   Metroliner crash at Cork Airport   amphibious Cessna 172
Cork International Airport
added; 5 April 2011
File # dr_f5_0347
  Cork Airport crash. Manx2
File # 1dsm3_f1_9558
  Amphibious Cessna 172
File # dr_f4_8109
Cessna Citation CJ3   paramotor redbarn beach   pier D Dublin
Citation CJ3 at Cork (EICK)
File # dr_f4_7719
  Paramotoring near Youghal
File # dr_f3_7098
  Dublin Airport ( EIDW) Pier D
File # dr_f3_8865
Cleared for take off
File # d5789
Runway 35 Cork, city beyond
File # d4766

Cessna wing & strut, city view
File # d3608

Aer Lingus ready for take off
File # d4656
Bantry airfield aerial view
File # d0464
Air Corps Alouette lll, Kerry
File # dr_f2_1320
Carrauntoohil, Air Corps
File # dr_f2_1331
Air Corps mountain training
File # dr_f2_1337
Summit landing Air Corps
File # dr_f2_1346
Irish Air Corps Carantouhill
File # dr_f2_1347
Cessna over Kenmare Bay
File # dr_f2_1405
Air Southwest Dash-8, Cork
File # dr_f2_4202
Gulfstream corporate jet, Cork Topiary Cork airport; Jet on roundabout Aer Lingus at terminal
Boarding Gulfstream
at Cork
File # dr_f2_4197
Topiary sculpture, Cork
File # dr_f2_4192
Aer Lingus turnaround
File # dr_f2_3846
Aer Arann ATR taxi Shannon runway Bantry airfield
Aer Arann ATR taxiing
File # dr_f2_3852
Shannon Airport ( EINN )
Runway 24
File # dr_f2_3806
Bantry Airfield
File # dr_f2_1449
Cessna on three five Alouette decommissioned New Cork ATC Tower
Runway three five. Cessna
File # dr_f2_1869
Alouette decommissioned
File # dr_f2_1343
New Cork ATC Tower
construction, Jan '08
File # dr_f2_8898
Learjet 31A Pilatus PC-9M R.N. Sea King
Learjet 31A. Airlink Airways
File # dr_f2_9384
Pilatus PC-9M, Sligo Airport
( EISG )
File # dr_f3_0302
R.N. Sea King at Cork
File # dr_f2_1862
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