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      work done
Ship shoot!
It's always a pleasure to work with consummate professionals such as Seatrans, demonstrated by their attentiveness and willingness to co operate fully with my requirements, to enable me to be aware at all times of what could have been a very unpredictable situation and so ensure a mutually beneficial outcome.
It appears this Norwegian company is as much appreciative of my efforts as I am of theirs and they reciprocated by way of an unsolicited 'thank you' email following successful completion of the work and delivery of their images.
Portion of the email from Seatrans;
"And once again John, thank you for helping out. Nice to know someone that can do the job properly. Will give you my best recommandations."
ship at sea
pic caption;
Open water rendezvous on a promotional photo shoot for Seatrans in cooperation with the ship's master for accurate positioning as requested by company head office in Bergen to our pre arranged point - even the weather co-operated, eventually.

Following is a sample extract of communications with their Office Headquarters in Bergen as the ship approached the shoot location.
Sample edited portions here, when only a couple of jittery hours to go;

> Currently overcast with high cloud and some lower cloud  moving in from the north west as if a front is passing.
No constant rain yet, just a few  drops.  A little gusty.
According to what I see on weather satellites the cloud may pass  
>  >  > over   
to sunshine and showers again by the time we need to shoot.
Overcast skies would mean that the sea will not be blue. The  sea could be dark grey at lower angles or maybe dark green at higher angles in photos.

She has appeared again on ------- and is currently south of Dunmore East,
weather; a little darker than last update.


>  >  >  > Re: Trans Fjell - ship photo
>  >  >  >  Tlf.: +47 -- -- -- --  Mob: +47 -- -- -- --
>  >  >  >  General E.mail: -----

Thanks John!
I'll send an e-mail to the vessel telling them to keep you updated.
Hopefully the sun will shine in an hour or two.
Make the best out of it and revert with updates.

>  > Raining now.
>  >  Do I go anyway, if the pilot says it's safe to fly?
>  >  John
>  >
Ooo, not good but still - let us keep our fingers crossed.
Trans Fjell is informed and hopefully the master will give you an update asap.

Re: Trans Fjell - ship photo

>  > By the way, do you think the photos will be poorly just because of some rain?
>  > 
>  >  
> We will just have to get in as close as we can to get the clearest view.
>  The rain is easing again. Fingers crossed it was only a shower.
>  John
Re: Trans Fjell - ship photo
> John / -- -- --
> Are you alive? Did you survive the heavy rain?
Still in one piece. I will send sample shots in a few minutes.
That rain was serious - passed just in time with some sunshine.
The ship was in contact throughout.

Some Highlights of completed work from 2015;
Application uses for aerial images selected from the John Herriott Collection, including official credits;
RSA 'Hand' Campaign, Irish Road Safety Authority
To see the original image displayed on this website that was licensed for this use / click < HERE >
RSA Hand aerial view of Bandon River
Lusitania Historical film documentary aired on Channel 5, RTE & Smithsonian TV
Commission here was to photograph a model of the ship from various angles so the film production company could animate these for action sequences.
John Herriott's own interpretation of the Lusitania following torpedo impact as a 'still' composite is < here >
client commission montage Lusitania
Some Highlights of completed work from 2014;
1 May 2014; Farms for sale feature including cover shot and image supporting inside article;
newspaper article cover shot
12 January 2014;
Sunday Business Post;
Article by Tom Mc Gurk on the Eirgrid pylon issue
illustration by John Herriott ( mis-print ; John Harriott ) .. detail
sunday business post eirgrid tom mc gurk
Aerial photo illustration 1
Produced for an opposition group objecting to Eirgrid's proposal to build
thousands of 400kv electricity pylons and to locate these in scenic areas.
Public consultation process closed 7th Jan 2014 for submissions
although objections following close will still be considered
pylon photo illustration
Aerial photo illustration 2
Produced for the Collins22 Society to illustrate the scene at the
Beal na Blath ambush resulting in the assassination of General
Michael Collins in August 1922 during the Irish Civil War .
This was created by referring to maps contemporary to the time to reinstate the
landscape as it was when overlaid on a more recent aerial photograph.
beal-na-blath ambush site
Property promotion using library aerial images; Feb 6th 2013
use of library aerial images   When considering making use
of aerial images to promote a
property sale, it's not always
necessary to commission an
aerial shoot if images already
exist in an aerial library collection.

This property at Ballyrisode near Goleen and Schull in West Cork is about to come to the market
but due to weather and seasonal reasons making use of existing imagery made more sense to show it at its best.
property promotion use of library aerial images  

Use of library images are
conditional on adding graphic
elements as indicated here to
make the image specific for its
intended use and to deter
unauthorised copying for other purposes, especially when applied to the web.

This branding logotype was devised in-house with the client's input and direction, then embedded in the image prior to final delivery.
These images are licensed for the duration of the sale.

aerial images in property promotion   This is a beautiful beachfront property in a stunning location consisting of circa 40 acres and with good main road frontage.

When agents are appointed, I will add them here.
In the meantime should anyone want to express an interest then contact this site in advance of the official launch and I will pass on your enquiry.
Mizen Head Crookhaven aerial image use        
Aerial photo illustration 3
Seasonal example of Photoshop image for advertising
Cessna Santa advertising image  

'Some people will do anything to fly with Atlantic'

An advertising photo montage
for use in a seasonal Christmas campaign.


To create an eyecatching image using Photoshop.

Some examples of recent aerial work for archaeology clients
aerial fishtraps survey   'Islands in Time'

An estuary investigation report by Aidan O'Sullivan and Mary Dillon of the UCD School of Archaeology.

This aerial work was commissioned to document the remains of medieval fishtraps on a river estuary.
Timing was critical to coincide with low spring tides, showing as much as possible the extent of these important archaeological sites.
archaeology magazine   Archaeology Magazine May/ June issue 2011
Article by; Prof. Ronald Hicks

Here is an example of a use for
our aerial archaeology library collection.
Archaeology magazine is the publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.
Their deadline was tight and the image was delivered same day as their initial request.
Sample image as it appears on this website file # dr_f2_9903
How clients use our Aerial photography service; Books
  above; one of the images chosen
for the book....
The Magharees in County Kerry
Book project 1
Southern Ireland Cruising Companion, author; Robert Wilcox
Published March 2009
Contains 102 aerial views of the south coast of Ireland selected from Cork based John
Herriott aerial photo library.
Locations from Hook Head in County Wexford along the south coast of Waterford, Cork, Kerry, to Loop Head in County Clare.
Prints of images contained in the book are available exclusively from this site & signed
by the photographer.
For further information about sizes and prices please email. Some samples here.

How clients use our Aerial photography service ; Properties for sale

If you are considering selling your property then aerial photography is a very cost effective
method for promoting the sale. Email us for more information about our competitive rates.
Countrywide service.

  Below are some examples of commissioned aerial photography that appeared in newspapers during
one week from June 15th to 22nd 2008, including photos illustrating properties for sale and an
editorial mention of our aerial photography service.
More on page 2 >

Sunday Business Post;
Illustrating an article on islands
for sale off the County Galway
Client; Auctioneer Co. Offaly

Showing proximity to mainland

Irish Times;
Mentioned in an article in the
Irish Times.

More information on
Farm Aerial Photography

Irish Examiner;
Illustrating an article on upcoming
Client; Cork city auctioneer
View 1; Showing the property with
view to Kinsale.
View 2; Showing the property in
relation to Sandycove.
More information on Farm Aerial Photography

Farming Examiner;
Illustrating an article about land for sale at Ballinhassig.
Client; Auctioneer in Ballinhassig, County Cork

Version 1; Outlined only
Version 2; Outlined with added text and direction arrows.
  More on page 2 >
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