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Photographed ; 2006 - 2016
Camera; Digital
Blackhead Lighthouse aerial Burren Clare   The Serpent's Lair, diving pool    
Black Head and Lighthouse
& Burren, Co. Clare

File # dr_f7_9875

Limestone rock
File # dr_f8_0118

Ross Bay, Bridges of Ross Co Clare   Brandon Head and Brandon mountain   Brandon Mountain
Bridges of Ross
and Ross Bay Co Clare
File # dr_f5_4994
  Brandon Head
Dingle peninsula, Co Kerry
File # dr_f3_5643
  Brandon Mountain
Dingle peninsula, Co Kerry
File # dr_f3_5638
Oysterhaven Creek   Oysterhaven   Coastal Fog
Oysterhaven Creek near
File # dr_f5_3318
Oysterhaven and West Cork coastline
File # dr_f5_0356

Coastal fog & thunder clouds
File # dr_f3_1547

Sheeps Head, Bantry Bay
File # dr_f2_2896
Remains of Samson wreck
File # dr_f2_0758
Galway coast. Spiddal
File # dr_f2_3679
  Cliffs of Moher   Cliffs of Moher
Fastnet Rock
File # dr_f2_8678
Cliffs of Moher
File # dr_f2_3661
Cliffs of Moher
File # dr_f2_3651
Dunmanus Bay   Knockadoon, East Cork   Roches Point close
Dunmanus Bay
File # dr_f2_0406
Coast west of Knockadoon
File # d1347
Close on Roches Point
File # d1400
Lighthouse Roches Point   Roches Point   Trabolgan
Lighthouse Roches Point
File # d1399
  Roches Point
File # d1395
  Trabolgan beach
File # d1393
Gyleen   Inch strand East Cork   Ballycotton and Island
File # d1392
  Inch Strand
File # d1389
  Ballycotton from Sea
File # d1367
Ballycotton Lighthouse   Boat at Ballycotton   Ballycotton lighthouse
Ballycotton lighthouse
File # d1363
  Ballycotton Island and boat
File # d1361
  Ballycotton Lighthouse
File # d1360
Ballycotton   Garryvoe East Cork   Capel Island
File # d1355
  Garryvoe, East Cork
File # d1351
  Knockadoon and Capel Isd.
File # d1316
Capel Island   Capel Island East Cork   Redbarn Beach
Capel Island, East Cork
File # d1314
  Capel Island
File # d1313
  Quality Hotel, Redbarn
File # d1257
Whiddy Island   Whiddy oil storage   sand writing
Whiddy Island
File # d0457
  Whiddy Oil Storage
File # d0456
  Writing in sand
File # d0415
Mizen Lighthouse   Dunlough Bay, Mizen   Sand writing Barleycove
Lighthouse at Mizen Head
File # d0383
  Mizen and Dunlough Bay
File # d0381
  Barleycove sand drawing
File # d0339
Barleycove Beach   Salt Marsh   Barleycove lake
Barleycove Beach
File # d0327
  Barley coastal fringe
File # d0321
  Barleycove and Causeway
File # d0320
Sherkin Island   Sherkin pier   Galley Lighthouse
Sherkin Island
File # d0256
  Sherkin Island Pier
File # d0251
  Galley Light house
File # d0182
Galley Head   Galley Head rocks    
Galley Head
File # d0180
  Rocks, Galley Head
File # d0176
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