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Photographed ; 2010-2017
Camera; Digital
Cement works, Birr, Co Offaly   Tallaght Business Park, Dublin   stone quarry, Rathcoole, Co Dublin

Cement works near Birr,
Co. Offaly

File # 1dsm3_f6_7602

  Tallaght Business Park.
Photo; May 2017

File # 1dsm3_f6_5163
  Quarry, Rathcoole, N7 road
Photo; June 2017

File # 1dsm3_f6_7443
Hewlett Packard job losses Leixlip   Apple Computers Data Centre, Athenry   Capital Dock, Dublin construction progress
Hewlett Packard announces job losses, Leixlip, Co Meath
File # 1dsm3_f6_2353
  Forested site of Apple Computers Data Centre, Athenry, Co Galway
File # 1dsm3_f6_3049
  Cranes working at
Capital Dock, Dublin.
Photo; Sept 2016

File # 1dsm3_f6_0341
MSD Brinny, Co Cork   Silvermines, Tipp Hydroelectric   Apple Cork jobs announcement. Aerial photo from Hollyhill
MSD, Brinny, Co Cork
jobs announced Feb 2016

File # 1dsm3_f5_8801

Silvermines Hydro-electric project announced, Jan 2016
File # 1dsm3_f5_6362


Apple Computers,Hollyhill
Massive jobs announcement
up to 1000 new jobs, Cork.
Nov 2015
File # 1dsm3_f4_0551

Balgarka oil tanker and tug Alex East Point Business Park, Dublin    
General cargo ship Balgarka arriving in port, assisted by tug 'Alex'5
File # 1dsm3_f5_9639
East Point Business Park
File # dr_f5_0351
Closure of Mallow Sugar Factory 2006   Veolia old Asahi plant   Parkway Valley construction site
Sugar Factory Mallow, 2006 following closure
File # d_mallow_7245
  Mayo Renewable Power biomass plant site announced, 2015
File # 1dsm3_f3_2918
  Parkway Valley abandoned
construction site 2010
File # 1dsm3_f1_8798

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