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Photographed ; 2006 - 2016
Camera; Digital
Blackhead Lighthouse aerial Burren Clare        
Black Head Lighthouse
County Clare

File # dr_f7_9875
Fastnet Lighthouse storm   Baltimore Beacon   Lighthouse at Loop Head
Fastnet Lighthouse
File # dr_f2_8678
The Beacon, Baltimore
File # dr_f4_1659

Loop Head, Co Clare
File # dr_f3_5535

Lighthouse at Old Head of Kinsale silhouette Fastnet Lighthouse   Fastnet rough seas
Old Head, Kinsale
File # dr_f2_9743
Fastnet Rock silhouette
File # dr_f2_8644
Rough Seas at Fastnet Rock
File # dr_f2_8651
Fastnet high view   Ballycotton Lighthouse   Roancarrigmore Bantry Bay
Fastnet ocean swell
high view
File # dr_f2_8678
Ballycotton Lighthouse
File # d1360
Roancarrigmore Bantry Bay
File # dr_f2_2904
Old Head   Close Old Head from the air   Haze at Old Head
Old Head Lighthouse
File # dr_f2_0712
  Lighthouse at Old Head
File # dr_f2_0710
  Old Head of Kinsale, aerial.
File # dr_f2_0703
Old Head from east   Lighthouse, Ballycotton   Rochespoint and Cork Harbour
Old Head from east.
File # dr_f2_0698
Lighthouse, Ballycotton
File # d1363
Rochespoint and Cork Harbour
File # d1395
Mizen Head, Dunlough Bay   Lighthouse at Mizen Head   Roches Point
Mizen Head, Dunlough Bay
File # d0381
  Lighthouse at Mizen Head
File # d0383
  Lighthouse, Roches Point
File # d1400
Lighthouse at Roches Point   Rochespoint lighthouse   Roches Point Lighthouse
Lighthouse at Roches Point
File # d1405
  Rochespoint lighthouse aerial
File # d1403
  Roches Point Lighthouse
File # d1399
Lighthouse on Galley Head   Galley Head Lighthouse   Galley Head
Lighthouse on Galley Head
File # d0182
  Galley Head Lighthouse
File # d0180
  Galley Head Lighthouse
File # d0176
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