USS Leyte Gulf aerial photo
at Cobh

Following an aerial photo shoot of some property about to come to market in the harbour area, I couldn't resist the opportunity to photograph USS Leyte Gulf at Cobh deepwater quay as we headed back to the airport.
I was particularly happy with this view of Leyte Gulf as the mural depicting Titanic's final departure from Cobh is visible in the background confirming the location as so many port quaysides elsewhere tend to look similar.
USS Leyte Gulf is no stranger to Cork and if my memory is correct, she
made a previous courtesy call back in 2003.

Camera; Digital
Photo; April 15th 2014
Stock library image file # f3_7839

USS Leyte Gulf, Cobh Cork Harbour 2014
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Russian navy ship at Cobh LE Niamh fishery patrol  
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File # 1dsm_f2_5667
LE Niamh, Irish Navy leaving Cork at speed
File # dr_f2_4906
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File # f2_0079
Silver Shadow cruiseliner Cobh
File # dr_f2_1963
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John Herriott photography, Kilbeg, Bandon, West Cork, Ireland
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