Keeper Hill, Tipperary  

While on a flight near Keeper Hill, a mountain in the Slieve Felim range,
North Tipperary (15 August 2014 ) I noticed what appears to be a series of landslides on the north face, just below the RTE masts.
This aerial photo shows that the most obvious damage is to a forestry
plantation affected by two slip paths and as the fallen trees are still green, this must be a relatively recent event.

From what I have since seen online, it appears that planning has been
granted for the development of 16 wind turbines on Keeper.
I'm no engineer but common sense I would have thought indicates that
the ground is unstable although according to the Irish Times ( 2 Aug 2014 ) they reported that one of the reasons planning was approved was that the risk of peat slippage was low... maybe An Bord Pleanála should now review their evidence for this?

Camera; Digital
Photo; 15 August 2014
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Keeper Hill landslide, Tipperary
The slippage from higher up continues for about a quarter mile on to a
forestry road then stops just below this point as can be seen in the
enlarged section below.
Another part of the road also looks affected to the east as it turns
through the trees.
There also appears to be about 25 smaller slides higher up to the left and right of the forestry in this view but there are even more slips further west.
landslide on mountain
Located in the townland of Bauraglanna, my rough estimate
( measured in Google Earth )
for the left fork of the main slide shows that debris covers
approximately 125ft along the forestry track.
Detail view from above;
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Galtymore summit Temple Hill Mountain
Benbulbin County Sligo
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Galtymore summit
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Temple Hill Mountain. Galty Mts
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landslide on mountain
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