Lusitania hit by torpedo  

Commissioned by a film production company, I was tasked with producing a
set of basic images so these could then be animated for their documentary.
' Lusitania; 18 Minutes That Changed The World' shown on Channel 5 on
the 15th & 16th of May and on RTE 1 on Thursday 7th May 2015.
Here is my own aerial interpretation of how the scene might have looked had
I been flying by following the torpedo hitting the starboard side. The point of
impact was aft of the bridge between the first and second funnels.

Camera; Digital composite + artists impression
Photo; 2015 ( scale model and artwork )
Stock library image file # 1dsm3_f5_6500r

Lusitania 18 minutes to sink
Below is another angle, the first version is a screen shot taken from the RTE 1 promo on Youtube,
showing how they handled the visual and as it appears in the program ;
RTE documentary promo

The second interpretation below is my own photo composite impression of the Lusitania sinking,
using the same original image file as the previous RTE version with some inset overlays and text added for obvious reasons.

Lusitania sinking composite
Following are the scenes utilising the set of mostly aerial view images that I supplied which were then animated by the film production company.
Also included here is a screen shot of the title credits.
From what I understand now, this will also be shown on Smithsonian TV
Lusitania aerial scenes montage
Ireland Aerial Photography,
John Herriott photography, Kilbeg, Bandon, West Cork, Ireland
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