Casino at Marino, Dublin  

Cork based aerial photographer, John Herriott makes regular trips to Dublin.

Pictured here is an example of a Black and White panoramic composite of the Casino at Marino.
A subject such as this benefits hugely from a little extra care and attention so it's presented here in mono and in a wider than normal format to heighten the mood while also showing it in context with it surroundings, emphasising what was obviously intended to be an atmospheric building.
Although as a building it does not appear large, it still contains 16 rooms and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Neo Classical architecture in Europe.

Camera; Digital
Photo; added Sept 3, 2015
Stock library image file # mpc-1dsm3_casino

Casino, Marino Dublin aerial mono composite
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The Casino at Marino, detail aerial capture
Ireland Aerial Photography,
John Herriott photography, Kilbeg, Bandon, West Cork, Ireland
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