Aerial of sunbathers at
Ballybunion, Co. Kerry.

July 19th 2016 certainly was a warm day and enjoyed by many at the beach at
Ballybunion. No better place to be when the sun shines.
This aerial view of sunbathers soaking up every last ray of precious light to keep
them charged for the long winter months ahead which fortuitously also makes for
good subject matter showing an overhead view of people with a graphic interpretation.

Camera; Digital
photographed; 19 July 2016
uploaded; 28 December 2016
Stock library image file # 1dsm3_f6_0140

aerial sunbathers graphic view
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File # dr_f3_7098
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File # 1dsm3_f3_0173
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File # d0415
Ireland Aerial Photography,
John Herriott photography, Kilbeg, Bandon, West Cork, Ireland
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