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Photographed ; 2006 -2017
Camera; Digital
The Nineteen Arches Bridge, Arklow, Co Wicklow        
Arklow Port and town,
Co Wicklow
File # 1dsm_f6_7183
Iver Ability anchored 5 months, Dublin Bay   Poolbeg and Glassbottle site   Balgarka oil tanker and tug Alex
Iver Ability, anchored on Dublin
Bay for five months ( Aug-Jan)

File # 1dsm3_f6_0372
  Poolbeg and Glass Bottle site
& Sandymount, Dublin

File # 1dsm3_f6_2566
  Cargo ship Balgarka passing
Whitegate, assisted by tug 'Alex'

File # 1dsm3_f5_9639
Kulakov visit to Cork Port     Shipping containers overview, Tivoli docks, Cork
Kulakov visit to Cork Port
File # 1dsm3_f2_5667
Rosslare Harbour. Wexford
File # dr_f3_6637

Containers, Tivoli Docks
File # d1431

  MV Julia at Cork Docks
Empty hold Tivoli Docks
File # d5476
Cruise ship, Penrose Quay
File # d4585
MV Julia at Cork Docks
File # 1dsm3_f1_3673
Fully loaded with containers
File # d5496
Port of Dun Laoghaire, Dublin
File # 1dsm3_f1_0083
Ferry at Ringaskiddy, Cork
File # dr_f3_1515
    cork harbour
Ringaskiddy Car Import Centre
File # dr_f3_4403
Grand Canal Dock, Dublin
File # 1dsm3_f1_0092
Entrance Cork harbour
File # d4_f4_3626
Stella Maris at Verholme docks   Maris at Whitegate oil terminal   Tivoli docks, Cork
Verholme docks
File # dr_f2_3276
  Oil terminal. Maris at Cork
File # dr_f2_2584
  Tivoli docks, Cork
File # d3609
Dublin Quays        
Quays at Dublin docks
File # dr_f3_9814
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Ireland Aerial Photography,
John Herriott photography, Kilbeg, Bandon, West Cork, Ireland
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