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Cork Port is located in the second largest natural deep water harbour in the world, handling a wide variety of traffic and attracting vessels in all shapes and sizes.
Included here are a selection of aerial pictures showing a cross section of visitors to the port, ranging from commercial shipping to leisure craft and military ships, which is unsurprising given that the navy is headquatered at Haulbowline, opposite Cobh within the harbour. There is also an extensive record of cruise liners as these have become a regular feature of harbour life, not just in Cork but all 'round the coast.
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Photographed ; 2006 - 2017
Camera; Digital
Iver Ability anchored 5 months, Dublin Bay        
Iver Ability, anchored on Dublin
Bay for five months ( Aug-Jan)

File # 1dsm3_f6_0372
Balgarka oil tanker docking at Whitegate   HMCS Frederiction   RTE documentary, aerial commission. Lusitania
Balgarka passing Whitegate
File # 1dsm3_f5_9639
  HMCS Fredericton
File # 1dsm3_f5_6671
  Lusitania documentary
added; 4 May 2015
File # 1dsm3_f5_6500r
USS Leyte Gulf at Cobh deepwater quay 2014   Shipwreck Astrid   Russian navy ship at Cobh
USS Leyte Gulf, Cobh
photo; 15 April 2014
File # 1dsm3_f3_7839
added; 6 August 2013
File # 1dsm_f3_1479
  Vice Admiral Kulakov
added; 3 September 2012
File # 1dsm_f2_5667
Ships featured here include USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) a Ticonderoga-class missile cruiser during a courtesy visit at Cobh deepwater quay ( 2014 ) and previously ' Vive Admiral Kulakov ' a Russian navy destroyer that also paid a courtesy call while en route home to her Northern Fleet base at Severomorsk ( 2012 ).
Another notable recent visitor was the Astrid, a Dutch sail training vessel that unfortunately sank while routing to Kinsale from Cork in August 2013. All crew were successfully rescued without injuries but the ship itself having been raised was then scrapped following an assessment that the ship was damaged beyond repair.
While Cork Harbour traffic is well represented here, the aerial collection also covers shipping movements from Dublin and other locations around the country.
Super Yacht Air          
Super Yacht ' Air '
added; 12 May 2012
File # 1dsm_f2_4382
Titanic departure quay Cobh   Grimaldi Grande Europa   Crown Princess at Cobh
Titanic ticket office, Cobh
added; 16 April 2012
File # 1dsm_f2_4283
  Grimaldi Grande Europa
added; 3 February 2012
File # dr_f5_3482
  Crown Princess at Cobh
added; 24 May 2011
File # f2_0079
Cruise Liner Cobh   Cruise ship Cobh   Cruise ship Eclipse

'Eclipse' docked at Cobh
File # dr_f4_6123
Celebrity Cruise Line
Eclipse at Cobh Quays
File # 1dr_f4_6133

Celebrity Line
Eclipse at Cobh
File # 1dr_f4_6114

Eclipse cruise liner   MV Julia Fastnet Line   samskip container ship
Celebrity Line cruise ship
'Eclipse' at Cobh quay
File # dr_f4_6125
  The Fastnet Line ferry MV Julia at Cork Quays.
2010 Cork Swansea route
File # 1dsm3_f1_3673
  Samskip Pioneer departing
Cork for Rotterdam
Feb 2010
File # 1dsm3_f1_4538


Dublin Maritime Festival   Navigator of the Seas
Julia inaugural trip
File # 1dsm3_f1_4569

Dublin Maritime Festival '09
tall ships, Atlantis, Lord Nelson
File # dr_f2_9814
Navigator of the Seas
File # dr_f2_4895
Navigator of the Seas deck   Saga Ruby Ringaskiddy   Stavros S Niarchos
Navigator of the Seas deck
File # dr_f2_4948
Saga Ruby, Ringaskiddy
File # dr_f2_4882
Tall Ship; Stavros S Niarchos
File # dr_f2_6762
Samson floating crane wreck   Irish Navy LE Niamh   LE Niamh fishery patrol
Samson floating crane wreck
File # dr_f2_7058
LE Niamh on patrol
File # dr_f2_4910
LE Niamh, Irish Navy
File # dr_f2_4906
Pont Aven Ringaskiddy Grand Princess passing Cobh Grand Princess and Cork Harbour
'Pont-Aven' ferry at Cork
File # dr_f3_1515
Grand Princess, Cobh
File # dr_f3_2478
Grand Princess, Cork Harbour
File # dr_f3_2487
Stena Sea Lynx lll at Rosslare Harbour Stena HSS at Dun Laoghaire Navigator of the Seas, Cork
Stena Sea Lynx lll. Rosslare
File # dr_f3_6637
Stena HSS at Dun Laoghaire
File # dr_f3_9412
Navigator of the Seas
File # dr_f2_4901
Silver Shadow at Cobh Stolt Guillemot Containership; Valdius
Silver Shadow cruiseliner Cobh
File # dr_f2_1963
Tanker; Stolt Guillemot
File # dr_f2_1951
Containership; Valdius
File # dr_f2_2044
L.E. Orla Silver Shadow Artemis P&O
Navy ship Orla, Cork docks
File # dr_f2_1915
Silver Shadow at Quay, Cobh
File # dr_f2_1957
Artemis P&O Cruiseliner, Cobh
File # dr_f2_2596
Maris Elmsland underway Jumbo
Oil tanker ' Maris ' Cork Hbr.
File # dr_f2_2584
Elmsland destination Belfast
File # dr_f2_3199
Jumbo at Roches Point
File # dr_f2_3242
Stella Maris V Shipwreck Irish Lights vessel Graunaile
Stella Maris V, Cork Dockyard
File # dr_f2_3276
Shipwreck Bear Haven Sound
File # dr_f2_2916
Irish Lights vessel Granuaile
File # dr_f2_1517
Faust Celtic Explorer
File # d4572
Celtic Explorer at Rushbrook
File # d8847
Ship at old IFI Jetty
File # d1416
Valdius at Tivoli Emma Autostar at Tivoli
Valdius at Tivoli
File # d5476
Emma at Tivoli
File # d5496
File # d5497
Autostar Kanin Black Prince Cork
File # d5498
Aerial photo of ship - Kanin
File # d3738
Black Prince at city quays
File # d4586
Black Prince Cork City Quays Kanin - aerial view of ship
Black Prince
File # d4588
Kanin - aerial ship photography
File # d3740
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