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Aerial photography featured in Clodagh McKenna's ' Fresh from the Sea'

  Fresh from the Sea episode 2 was broadcast on RTE 1 at 7pm on 29 June 2010 and included was an interview with John Heriott discussing some some of his favourite coastal images.
Here is a clip from the programme and below are the images selected by ' inproduction ' for broadcast.

Aerial photo clip from David Hare on Vimeo.

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Uploaded ; 2010
Camera; Digital
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Derrynane Harbour   Derrynane Beach   Dogs Beach, Galway
Derrynane Harbour
File # dr_f4_6478
  Derrynane Beach
File # dr_f4_6482
  Dogs Bay Beach, Co Galway
File # dr_f2_3728
Maharees and Brandon   Brandon Head and Sauce Creek   Mount Brandon
Maharabeg and Brandon
File # dr_f3_5623
  Brandon Head
and Sauce Creek
File # dr_f3_5643
  Mount Brandon, Kerry
File # dr_f3_5638
Maharees, Brandon Bay   Lighthouse rough seas   Fastnet lighthouse
Maharees, Kerry
File # dr_f3_5627
  Fastnet Rock, rough seas
File # dr_f2_8651
  Fastnet Lighthouse
File # dr_f2_8678
Fastnet rock high view   Wexford sailing   yellow spinakers
Fastnet high view
File # dr_f2_8625
Sailing, Wexford
File # dr_f3_6510
Yellow spinakers
File # dr_f3_1528
Navigator of the Seas   LE Niamh   Fastnetline Julia
Navigator of the Seas
File # dr_f2_4895
  L.E. Niamh
File # dr_f2_4906
  Julia, Rochespoint
File # f1_4566
Julia Cobh   Roches point   Lighthouse Roches Point
Fastnetline ferry, Cobh
File # dr_f4_6060
  Roches Point
File # d_1399
  Lighthouse at Roches Point
File # d_1400
Roches Point   eclipse areila photo   eclipse portrait format
Roches Point
File # d_1405
  Eclipse at Cobh
File # dr_f4_6114
  Eclipse, Cobh; portrait
File # dr_f4_6133
eclipse landscape format        
Eclipse docked at Cobh
File # dr_f4_6123


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