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Photographed ; 2008 - 2017
Camera; Digital
Slieve Bloom mountains   Slieve Aughty Mountains, Co Galway   Rain showers backlit to Galty Mountains from Cashel
Slieve Blooms, Co Laois
File # 1dsm3_f6_7575
  Tooreen North,
Slieve Aughty Mts, Galway

File # 1dsm3_f6_7757
  Heavens Above;
Galty backlit showers
from overhead Cashel
File # 1dsm3_f5_9160
slievekimalta Silvermines Tipperary   Keeper Hill Tipperary   Galtee and Knockmealdown mountains
Slieve Felim Range
File # 1dsm3_f5_6367
  Keeper Hill, Tipperary
File # 1dsm_f5_3035
  Galtee and Knockmealdown

File # f4_0701
The Field   Broaghnabinnia Mountain   Wicklow mountains
The Field
File # dr_f6_2435
  Broaghnabinnia Mountain County Kerry
File # dr_f4_9598
  Coronation Plantation and
River Liffey Co. Wicklow
File # 1dsm3_f1_0056
Mullaghmore, county Clare   Galtymore summit   Mount Gabriel
Mullaghmore, The Burren Clare
File # dr_f2_3776
  Galtymore summit
File # dr_f2_5682
  Mount Gabriel, West Cork
File # dr_f2_1467
Benbulbin County Sligo
File # dr_f3_0290
Sugarloaf Mountain,
County Wicklow
File # 1dsm3_f1_0061

Turlough Hill, Wicklow Gap
File # dr_f3_2128

Knockanaffrin Mountain
File # dr_f3_6391
Benbo County Leitrim
File # dr_f3_0093
Mount Brandon distant view
File # dr_f3_5627
knockmealdown mountains   comeragh mountains winter   extinct volcano, Croghan Hill
Comeragh mountains
File # dr_f4_3086
Comeragh Mts. winter
File # dr_f4_5016
Extinct Volcano, Co Offaly
File # dr_f3_9940
Comeragh mountain plateau   Knockmealdown mountains   cross on summit
Plateau Comeragh mountain
File # dr_f4_7108
Knockmealdown mountains
File # dr_f4_7013
Summit with Holy Year Cross
File # dr_f4_7080
Coomagearlahy Mountain   Sheehy Mountains   Temple Hill Mountain
Coomagearlahy Mountain.
File # dr_f2_3059
  Sheehy Mountains
File # dr_f2_3063
  Temple Hill Mountain. Galty Mts
File # dr_f2_3885
Carrauntoohil, centre peak   Coomnagoragh Mountain   Miskish Mountain
Carrauntoohil, centre peak.
File # dr_f2_1300
  Coomnagoragh Mountain
File # dr_f2_2868
  Miskish Mountain, Beara
File # dr_f2_2919
Galteemore Mountain & Curraghturk   Macgillycuddys Reeks  & Muckross Lake   Carrantuohill, helicopter, cross
Galteemore Mountain in cloud
& Curraghturk in foreground
File # d8559
  Macgillycuddys Reeks
& Muckross Lake
File # dr_f2_1214
  Carrantuohill, helicopter, cross
File # dr_f2_1337
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